MA Narrative Environments

Dreambase: a parklet design for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

illustration of an installation in street with figures approaching it and sitting in it.

“Dreambase” is the second of two proposals developed by MA Narrative Environments students for a parklet outside Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). 

Due to its size, GOSH is a dominant presence in its local neighbourhood. This parklet aims to ease stakeholder tensions and integrate the institution with the diverse local community by creating an inviting experience and healthier street environment. 

illustration of a person in a wheelchair in the parklet reading text on one of the walls.
image of the interior of the ‘Dreambase’ Parklet

The design taps into narratives of sleep to create a therapeutic, peaceful outdoor space. Inspired by the students’ research with local residents, hospital staff and patients, the parklet design evokes various dreamworlds prompting individual reveries and shared moments of relaxation. 

A ‘gift’ from GOSH to the local community, the design creates a refreshing green space where residents, patients, and staff can enter a dreamlike environment to take a break from the often stressful realities of their day and peacefully re-charge. 

visualisation of a person in a wheelchair inside the Great Ormond Street parklet listening to a sound installation.

The parklet design also supports a programme of workshops and planting events, and incorporates social media platforms, in order to develop meaningful community engagement and create a shared sense of ownership. 

Student Design Team: Lile Liu,  Jessica Sammut,  Kaiyi Sheng,  Sabrina Sigismondi, Yu Yang, Qiongzi Zhu 

With thanks to:

Magali Thomson RIBA, Public Realm Project Manager | Built Environment

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

Ben Paul – resident /activist

Young People’s Forum – GOSH Focus Group

Paul Crozier –Holborn Association 

Joan Barker–GOSH Parent / Family 

Abjal Afrus / Tybalds Residents Association