MA Narrative Environments

Re-design for UCLH Children’s and Young Adults A & E

3D view of the inside of a building with pink, blue, yellow and green furniture

The University College Hospital London Childrens and Young Adults A+E department is seeking to make their services truly patient-focused and to create an age-appropriate environment that provides a welcoming, uplifting atmosphere that alleviates the anxieties of patients and their carers when visiting the A+E.


In response, the MA Narrative Environments students developed a proposal to redesign the children’s A+E into a place of intentional relaxation, to alleviate the anxiety and stress of not only the patients and their parents but also of staff.

Taking inspiration from one of the most culturally embedded symbols of relaxation – water in all it’s forms, movements and sounds, the design includes a wave room with an air bubble wall, enclosed river seating, a rain room with rain sticks attached to the wall that children can activate, puddle tables and cloud chairs. The colour scheme is muted yet uplifting and relaxing.

MA NE Design Team

Sara Coppa

Eunbi Kim

Sorracha Nimityont

Cassandra Thielen

Thea Xu