MA Narrative Environments

Find Oliver! An interactive trail for the Dickens Museum.

Find Oliver! Is a 30 minute trail using street lamp posts to disseminate visual and audio clues that incrementally share Oliver Twist’s story, imagined by first year MA Narrative Environment students for the Dickens Museum.

The trail covers commercial and residential hotspots, engaging residents, students, workers and local shoppers.

The lamp post installations bring awareness to current issues around child poverty contrasted with the Dickensian era in order to inspire empathy and drive change.

Each installation references the Dickens Museum whilst engaging visitors in a mystery solving trail experience that ends in a call to action and encourages more visitors to the Museum.

Dickens Presentation

Above: MA Narrative Environments students interact with local residents near the Dickens Museum to research and test their concept.

MA NE Design Team

Angelia Knyazeva

Cathou Averback

Ciel Ming

Judy Hallgarten

Sherry Wei