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Design for Healthcare: Mateusz Gidaszewski at the Healthcare Leadership Academy.

A focus of MA NE Student Mateusz Gidaszewski’s work at Medics.Academy as a Head of Design and User Experience is the progression of the role of design in healthcare.
He recently delivered a successful lecture and workshop about Design Thinking, Experience Design, and Human Centered Design in the context of medicine, for the Healthcare Leadership Academy.
26 Medics from different parts of the UK who are training to be leaders in healthcare participated in a workshop Mateusz developed around using design thinking in the context of medical practices.


Participants in the workshop identified a conflicting issue they were aware of within the NHS and imagined a persona to gain deeper understanding of the problem. They then designed solutions to the problem and created a user journey, which they presented to the rest of the group.
The sessions gave medical professionals insights into how design thinking can be applied to generate a pioneering solutions in  healthcare provision.