MA Narrative Environments

Maiden Lane Estate: Dancing in Gold!

photograph of women in gold heat blankets participating in an activity on a rooftop

Tackling social issues partly caused by the isolated location of the Maiden Lane Estate, Year 1 Narrative Environments students worked with local residents to create a proposal that activates empty public spaces around the estate to encourage interaction, promote cultural exchange and create platform for creative expression.

Maiden Lane Live

The students staged an interview on the rooftop of one of the buildings, with views over London. The interview gave a voice to young creatives on the estate and encourages locals value their community.

They used gold emergency blankets to mark out the spaces and gathered residents around a soundbar.

The Soundbar concept tested the idea of a community radio and provided participants with a toolkit for  an interactive story sharing experience that can be expanded out to other platforms.

Maiden Lane Live

The project can be extended from rooftop platform to AR platform through an app that allows residents to share and locate events and attended them.

Maiden Lane Live

MA NE Design Team:

Amelia Vilaplana

Chrissy Georghiou

Eleonore Calypso De Pesters

Supine Liu

Sushma P