MA Narrative Environments

Museum of London: The Food Market.

Creating human connection in the food shopping experience…

In preparation for the move from Barbican to Smithfield Market, the Museum of London has set up the Talking Points Gallery.

They commissioned MA NE 1st year students, in collaboration with St Lukes Community Centre, to design an experimental, visitor friendly, provocative and participatory installation about food.


The team designed an immersive shopping experience for the Talking Points Gallery that challenges the way food shopping is becoming a more solitary activity due to the decline of food markets and the rise of checkout machines.


The design splits the gallery space into 3 sections. The first area uses plastic food packaging to evoke the growing sense of isolation in the shopping experience, contrasting with the participatory, informative building blocks and model food in the second space that invite visitors playfully construct their own market place. The final space provides a quiet area to digest the interactive experience and learn more about London food markets today.


Natasha Geniyeva

Naoko Kawai

Jueling Pan

Leanne Finn Davis

Weihan Rong

Chao Zuo