MA Narrative Environments

Charles Was Here: An AR Journey for the Dickens Museum.

Addressing issues of¬†social injustice present in our society today as they were in Charles Dickens’ time, first year MA Narrative Environments developed an Augmented Reality journey for the Dickens Museum.

In collaboration with Holborn Media Arts club, the students imagined five short stories, each one linked to five different locations chosen from the Dickens topography; places mentioned in his books, places that existed then and that we can still visit now, places that reference social issues: Mecklenburgh Square, around Brunswick Gardens, Coram Fields, and The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. The five short stories are plotted in a Dickensian tone around life justices and injustices.


Taking the form of a treasure hunt, the AR experience uses QR codes and interactive sound alerts at each location to enable the audience to discover the stories.

These physically lead them to the Dickens Museum, where they enter an immersive room. Here they can write messages or different possible endings to the stories which are interactively projected on the walls.




Chang Jiang


Rosa Pascual

Marina Alburquerque

Sowmini Suresh

Tara Corovic