MA Narrative Environments

‘Dystopian Flight’ is the Spatial Practices Climate Care Award Winner.

illustration of a circular tubular structure with vapour coming out of it

MA Narrative Environments graduating student Eunbi Kim has won the Spatial Practices Climate Care Award with her final project ‘Dystopian Flight Experience’.

This award is given to projects that advance the climate agenda within the field of spatial practices, tackle climate change in our communities and take a proactive role in embedding sustainability practices.

Dystopian Flight raises awareness of the environmental impacts of aviation through a multi-sensory experience that makes visible and tangible the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per aircraft flight.

The invisibility of the environmental pollutants deepens the current environmental crisis. The Dystopian Flight installation encourages the audiences to reframe their flight experience by transforming invisible CO2 into something visible and tangible.

‘Toxic Flag’ by BBDO, the main inspiration of the project, used massive black smoke to address the incinerator issue in Lebanon. The strong visual statement increased the motivation for environmental actions amongst citizens and successfully changed the policy toward the issue. 

Following its footsteps, Dystopian Flight reveals the impact of aviation and urging the audiences to participate in a social movement. The project aims to raise awareness among frequent flyers and international flight passengers.

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