MA Narrative Environments

London 2038: how will technological convergence change the places we live in?

A collaboration between MA Narrative Environments, Central Saint Martins, UAL and ARUP Foresight and Innovation.

MA Narrative Environments joined up with Arup Foresight, who specialise in identifying trends shaping the future of the built environment, to imagine how technological convergence could change London.

Arup’s contribution to the London cityscape over the past 70 years can be seen in some of its most acclaimed buildings, including the London Aquatics Centre, the Millennium Bridge, Smithfield Market and the Design Museum.

In this series of projects, Arup Foresight and MA NE 1st Year students celebrate the unique relationship between Arup and London.

Imagining the world in 2038, the students used foresight techniques to reconsider the design, operation and experience of the following iconic buildings, designed by Arup:

The London Aquatic Centre NHS 3rd Wave

The Smithfield Market Smithfield Market

The Design Museum The Design Museum

The Millennium Bridge Millenium Bridge

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