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Co-Living 2030: 5 shared living concepts imagined by Central Saint Martins students x Space 10.

With the global population likely to hit 8.5 billion by mid 2030, there is a growing need to explore the possibilities for high quality and sustainable housing solutions.

Future Living Lab Space 10 invited students from Central Saint Martins to imagine the possibilities of shared living. The collaboration bought together students from MA Narrative Environments, BA Architecture and MA ARCH Architecture to develop 5 radical concepts for co-living around a site in Forest Gate, London.


The Subscription Neighbourhood – taking the ethos of the shared economy and applying it to the whole neighbourhood. This model is about on-demand shared living beyond the home, where residents subscribe to services rather than own them.


Network Living – To resolve the costly, time consuming commute workers face on a daily basis, Network Living imagines a series of transportable dwelling pods that allow people be on a train to work before even having got out of bed.


The Guest House – A shared living space that integrates immigrants and builds communities.


CommunicARe – a shared living tech hub that combines virtual and real communities around the world to combat some of the negative consequences of modern technology.


The Off-Grid Neighbourhood – A shared-living scheme for self sustainable food production and recycling.

To read the full Medium article detailing the concepts in this project , head over to

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