MA Narrative Environments

The Camden Dream Market

Re-imagining what a market can offer, MA NE Year 1 students, supported by Hemingway Design, created a design proposal for Inverness Street Market in Camden that revives the market place through a narrative led experience that inspires visitors to be creative and fulfil their dreams. 

20190106_ISM Presetation_for Moodle_ChrisThe design proposal responds to research showing that the market attracts mainly tourists and fails to reflect Camden’s cultural identity. The aim is to attract locals back to the market by offering an inclusive and innovative range of products and experiences based around helping them achieve their dreams.

Amongst the current offering of tourist products, new flexible stalls would be included in the markets that are personalised by the vendor, sharing their stories and offering visitors the possibility of doing something new, of realising their dreams.  The design also includes new signage signalling what the stalls offer, installations, seating and a shared community court for performance and events.



Yaatzil Ceballos Fernadez

Vincy Fu

Jing Li

Chris Liu

Rosalinn Lofling Krosshavn