MA Narrative Environments

Super/Power Market at the British Museum

The exhibition ‘Food as a Weapon: the Hunger for Power’ at the British Museum in London explores how food production and distribution are related to power, exploitation and control of natural resources. Today, hunger and malnutrition are still major health risks in some parts of the world, with social inequalities acting as a major barrier to people’s access to food.

The Super/Power Market design concept is a proposal by MA Narrative Environments Year 1 students for an interactive exhibition in the British Museum’s Room 3, examining the dynamics between food accessibility and power.

13_DEC_BM_Final Presentation

The exhibition takes advantage of the location of the British Museum’s Room 3, where visitors are on their way out, to highlight food control throughout history.

Visitors are invited to join the Super/Power Market membership and browse from 6 food related products, case studies of food control, and witness the impact of their choices through a bona fide shopping experience.


The interactive ‘shopping experience’ will shine a light on how daily food, provided by the Government and large agribusiness, is often a direct result of someone, somewhere else, being forced and coerced to give up their rights.