MA Narrative Environments

‘Rooting Failure’ at the Bloomsbury Festival

Recent graduates Paolo Di Gennaro and Sara Coppa’s award winning final project ‘Rooting Failure’ was included in the Bloomsbury Festival as an installation in the Crypt Gallery.

the classical stone exterior of the Crypt Gallery, Bloomsbury, behind a black metal railing.
above: the exterior of the Crypt Gallery, Bloomsbury.

Thoughtfully curated throughout the rooms and hallways of the Crypt Gallery, Rooting Failure takes the form of an interactive installation that challenges dominant understandings of failure through an immersive and contemplative route prompting participants to interact with one another by entangling threads, enabling the audience to explore the emotions related to the conditions of failing in different aspects of life in order to share renewed perspectives.

A few words from Paolo and Sara:

“Taking part at the Bloomsbury Festival 2020 was an opportunity for us to showcase our work and challenge ourselves. As for many other graduate students this year, we feared that our project would not have been built and therefore would have remained only a conceptual exploration.

It was exciting to see Rooting Failure come to life and see how it merged with the Crypt Gallery environment to tell a new narrative. The most rewarding aspect of this experience was seeing the interest and involvement of people who shared their struggles and thoughts with us. 

We are most grateful for this possibility and we would thus like to thank the Bloomsbury Festival Team and all of our collaborators and supporters who have made this possible.”