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Graduate Jelly Deng’s project ‘Savoury Whispery’ featured in Riposte and That’s Magazine.

” The shape, size, texture and design of a plate can affect how – and to what extent – we enjoy our food and the entire dining experience.” – Jelly Deng

Graduate Jelly (Jialin) Deng’s final project ‘Whispery Savoury’ has been featured in Riposte and more recently, That’s Magazine online.

Jelly Deng : Riposte # 5

The ‘Whispery Savoury’ project was inspired by Jelly’s own experience with the neurological condition “Synsethesia” – a perceptual phenomenon where the stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. In Jelly’s case, individual letters or numbers would appear tinged with a colour. This lead her to question whether people’s perception of flavour could be extended to other senses.

Jelly Deng has since been experimenting with shape, size, texture and even sound in the design of plates, to enhance the consumer’s experience.

Read the That’s Magazine article about ‘Whispery Savoury’ here. 

You can find the Riposte article in issue #5.

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(Magazine Spread image above – Riposte #5)

(Cover image – Jelly Deng)