MA Narrative Environments

The Life and Death Toolkit


This toolkit was developed by Shibboleth Shechter and Tricia Austin in collaboration with MA Narrative Environments students.

The Life and Death Toolkit helps design students to reflect on the sustainability of their projects and make informed decisions throughout their design process. The toolkit consists of two sets of prompt cards and a worksheet. The prompt cards suggest topics to consider while the worksheet is used by students to record their reflections and evaluate the sustainability of their project.

The toolkit envisages design projects as part of a complex system or project ecology. It maintains that no project exists in isolation. It has been widely tested and well received by students.

If you wish you can purchase the toolkit through our E-store, 10£ (+ £2 post).

If you are interested to find out more about the Life and Death Toolkit please contact Shibboleth Schechter at