MA Narrative Environments

The Learning Project in Ahmedabad, India.

20170320_122619.jpgA collaboration between MA Narrative Environments, MA Architecture, and the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India.

Over two weeks, CSM and NID students worked together to design, fabricate and install interventions for the Prabhat Foundation, an educational charity supporting differently-abled children.



Team One focused on improving home life for 9 year-old Saniya, who has cerebral palsy. The team installed a mirror enabling Saniya and her mother to see each other throughout the day and made Saniya a set of cushions decorated with her favourite TV personalities.





For the Prabhat Centre school, Team Two created climb-on, climb-through benches incorporating varying textures, sounds and ball games, building social skills through play.





Team Three worked with Devika, an 11 year-old with cerebral palsy. They designed a trolley extending Devika’s mobility, a washing system to make bath time more fun and a play dome to share with friends.




The project’s outcomes brought enjoyment and dignity to young lives. Facilitating play between differently-abled and able children, the interventions encouraged social integration and helped erode the stigma of disability prevalent in India.



Tricia Austin                            CSM MANE Course Leader

Keshav Chatterjee                   Director of the Prabhat Centre

Sarah Featherstone                CSM MANE Architecture Tutor

Tanishka Kachru                      NID Associate Senior Faculty

Mayank Loonker                      NID Senior Faculty


Prabat Centre design team

Ankita Trivedi                          CSM

Arjun Mc                                 NID

Benjamin Mackay                   CSM

Celeste Caur                            NID

Chirag Patel                            CSM

Kajal Prabhakar                       NID

Kirsten Wehner                       CSM

Manas Majhi                           NID

Sara Jarc                                 CSM

Varsha Mario Kachhap           NID


Devika’s design team

Samhitha Kottamasu             NID

Swarnika Nimje                      NID

Anouska O’Keeffe                   CSM

Ahelee Sarkar                         NID

Norbert Schwab                      CSM


Saniya’s design team

Shubham Sahu                        NID

Shamiso Oneka                       CSM

Michael Kennedy                    CSM

Pankti Jasoria                          NID