MA Narrative Environments

Tara Corovic awarded the The Steve Lumby Drawing Prize.

A graphic assemblage illustration from the Walking Brunel Project

Congratulations to graduating MA Narrative Environments student Tara Corovic on winning the Steve Lumby Drawing Prize, sponsored by Event Communications ltd.

Her winning project, Borderless Museums, reconceives exhibition design by encouraging local museums to take the stories held within their walls out into the surrounding area. Rather than the local community having to come to the museum, an institution from which they may feel excluded, the exhibition becomes a transmedia narrative that takes place on the streets with which they are familiar.

Visualisation of the Walking Brunel installation

Within this frame, Walking Brunel takes the Brunel Museum’s ‘Fair under the Tunnel’ narrative onto the streets of Rotherhithe, south London, transforming it into a 15-minute audio guided walk. It includes an immersive experience in the form of a podcast with augmented reality, following a trail from Canada Water through the Albion Channel to the Brunel Museum plateau. The participants arrive at an installation at the end of the walk. 

The aim is to make local museums more inclusive and their collections more accessible and relevant to the neighbouring communities. 

Tara Corovic graduated from Chelsea College of Art with BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design.

She has experience in interior design, logo design on exhibitions in museums such as Tate Modern’s Tate Exchange, the Charles Dickens Museum, and recently the Museum of Vojvodina (Musej Vojovdine) in Serbia.

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