MA Narrative Environments

SEEING at Science Gallery Dublin


Narrative Environments alum and second year tutor Claire Healy is the Exhibition Designer for SEEING at the Science Galley, Dublin, running 24.06.16-25.09.16.

SEEING is a temporary exhibition aimed at 15-25 year olds that ran through the Summer of 2016 and welcomed 130,000 visitors to The Science Gallery, Dublin.

Visitors to SEEING experience a range of works by artists, scientists and designers that explore the complex sensory experience of seeing, understanding, and perception.

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As Lead Designer, Claire Healy created a look and feel for the space that unified the exhibition and expressed the theme within a visitor journey that enabled visitors to explore the key ideas within SEEING and the associated artworks and installations.

The exhibition design concept statement described ‘a bright playground of interactivity full of visual surprise inspired by our perception of colour and form’.

Built and graphic elements within the exhibition served to make us question what we are seeing and the use of quotes prompted the audience to consider the many areas of our cultural fabric where ideas around SEEING have permeated.

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