MA Narrative Environments

MAMA 3.0 : a collaboration with Arup Foresight.

MA Narrative Environments 1st year students worked with Arup Foresight to explore the Future of Factories, using foresight tools and methodologies to imagine different future scenarios.

This projects transports us to 2040, where extreme climate changes have forced mankind to be more resourceful.

MAMA 3.0 Final Pres

To aid existence in an increasingly polluted, over-populated world short on natural resources, humans have fanatically pursued robotic technology.

Driven by machine learning, consumer robots are now prevalent in nearly every aspect of human life; from carrying out mundane housework, providing home security and companionship to delivering sexual fulfilment, medical care and euthanasia for the elderly and terminally ill.

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In this narrative, Professor Boris Baranov, a leading robotics innovator, is working late to crack the holy grail; the world’s first, fully autonomous robot, capable of experiencing human emotions.

He asks the A.I supercomputer, MAMA, to help him by any means possible. As a result, Boris’ command makes MAMA take extreme measures to achieve the goal, re-defining the balance of power between humans and robots.

MAMA 3.0

MA Narrative Environments Team

Casey Parsons

Chin-Yu Liu

Natacha Genyieva