MA Narrative Environments

Living Space exhibition at the European Space Agency

Living Space is an interactive exhibition and immersive tour of the European Space Agency’s core explorations, past, present and future, designed by MA Narrative Environments 2nd Year Students, in collaboration with  from Southbank University and  The Erasmus Centre at the European Space Agency.

Mars Corner

The refreshed tour moves away from a microgravity-centred narrative in favour of one that underlines ESA’s strides forward in considering the three biggest concerns of space settlement – gravity, climate and radiation.


Sense-based interaction and life-sized spaces help make each experience on the tour relatable and memorable.

Living Space aims to inspire and welcome creativity, recalling the emotion and mysterious charm of outer space that has enthralled us for millennia.

MA Narrative Environments Design Team:


Tarit Gautham

Catherine Averback

Eunbi Kim