MA Narrative Environments

2040: The Future Healthcare Ecosystem – Preventative and Centralised

How could London’s healthcare system function in a preventative and centralised way in 2040?

In collaboration with ARUP, MA Narrative Environments first year students extrapolated out current health concerns including loneliness and depression, anxiety, stress, antibiotic resistance and an ageing population to imagine a Future Healthcare Ecosystem for London in 2040 inspired by the health benefits of play, delivered through the creation of Joyful Healthy Hubs across the metropolis.

Final Presentation_Play Team

Housed in a protective glass dome with purifying entrance thresholds, the Play More London flagship hub would offer a three levels of of play options, in a treehouse core space, that include social and competitive games, intelligence and creative play as well as socio and dramatic play. Users of the More Play London will discover their own play preferences and over time will benefit from a stronger immune system, a more active lifestyle and forming new social connections to combat loneliness.


These play options would be enhanced and extended beyond the hub by intelligent wearable accessories and flying playpods. Data collection would provide feedback on the success of the play treatment.


Additionally, the 2040 Healthcare Ecosystem proposal would encourage private developers of public spaces to design semi-enclosed free play spaces, accessible 24/7 in bacteria-free, air-filtered and temperature regulated spaces.  All public spaces would be required to offer a range of play activities and features so people of all ages and abilities can find something to engage with.


Student team:

Judy Hallgarten

Samuel Li

Yaatzil Ceballos Fernandez