Work With Us

Two people are constructing an exhibition. They are mounting white objects on the wall. One is wearing a high visibility jacket. A ladder stands to the right of the people.

Are you a company interested in working with our students on a live project? We partner with businesses, cultural organisations and government to provide exceptional, novel, design proposals and installations.

We do live, sponsored student projects with thriving businesses such as Arup, Cisco and fashion brands such as OASIS. We work with local government, for example Redbridge, Camden and Islington Councils to activate spaces and promote social cohesion.

We partner with cultural organisations such as Southbank Centre, the Academy of Saint Martins in the Fields and The National Trust to design and produce engaging visitor experiences. We collaborate with other universities such as Tongji in Shanghai and the University of Pforzheim in Germany. Students also contribute to international research projects such as EU-PA.

Students benefit from first-hand experience of the people, places and issues in the world at large. The projects provide our external partners and clients with unique, creative design propositions and tangible productions such as Songboard London that was installed at Kings Cross station for the London Olympics. For more information contact Tricia Austin <p.austin@csm.arts.ac.uk>