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Yichi Duan is rooted in spatial and interior design, but always keeps an eye on social engaged and community engaged design.
With the spatial design background, she started her career within the industry, worked as commercial interiors and exhibitions designer, as well as project manager.

Yichi cares about the well-being of modern people in cities, especially young works and teenagers. Therefore she founded COAT with two others, to conduct research projects and workshops to study living condition of urbanites in this high speed high paced modern society. They create interventions in the daily life with "the Awesome Time” - an escape from urban disaster that aims to create sensory experiences for individuals.

Spatial design has never been an isolated subject for Yichi, who would like to gain multidisciplinary experience along learning and working. She aims to test the boundaries of spatial design, to explore the possibilities of spatial design in narrative environments, to explore how to apply the knowledge of spatial design to not only solve problems, but more importantly raise awareness in a wider context, such as how to co-create a better community environment; or of certain topics, such as how to intervene modern social environment to release the tiredness of urban people. Eventually she aims to locate herself in between of spatial and cultural practices.

Discipline: Interior Design, Spatial Design

Year of graduation: 2022