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Xiaoxian Song is a UI and graphic designer, who graduated from Shanghai Normal University of Digital Media Art. In the course of four years studies on multiple medias, she has developed skills of Interaction design and graphic design.

After graduated, Xiaoxian has worked as a UI designer in internet fields for 2 years, she shows interests in web design and App design and focuses on helping special groups of society to remove invisible obstacles in their lives. In 2019, she went to an immersive exhibition and had a strong desire to learn new things about how to combine interaction design and storytelling in space design.

Currently studying Narrative Environments in Central Saint Martin, Xiaoxian anticipates to explore more about immersive atmosphere through sensory experience for audience, so as to make unperceived and unconscious environment phenomena visible or even tangible by visualizing the awareness and empathy in the way of different technologies and media.

Discipline: Interaction Design

Year of graduation: 2022