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black and white image of a woman with a bob haircut propping her chin on her hand.

Qiuyu is an installation and spatial designer. She used to study interior and spatial design in Chelsea, after she graduates from school, she tried to do different creative jobs, such as interior designer, wedding designer, brands experimental designer, installation...

Multiple spatial design working experiences made her be- come a creative spatial designer and finally found what she wants to explore and work after they graduate. Listening and combining audience and clients’ story and emotions and ex- change their psychological feeling into spatial and visual de- sign space is fascinating and interesting things.

She thinks the good spatial design is not only just look nice, but also need to fit their client and put their stories and feelings in that space( Material, interactive, graphic, words, etc...)to make this space more meaningful or even some thinking and reflections would happen during people experience there.

Now she is studying narrative environments in Central Saint Martins to learn how to become a spatial storyteller, ann try- ing to collaborate with different majors’ students in this class to create more creative projects in the future.

Discipline: Interior Design, Spatial Design

Year of graduation: 2022