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black and white photograph of a woman with long dark hair wearing glasses

Qiongzi is a storyteller and a spatial experience designer, who was born in 1997 and raised in an artists' family. In the exploration of the art and design world, she discovered the passion for spatial experience design.

Qiongzi's spaces are transferring designed messages by emotional impact through multi-sensory instead of traditional visual and physical structures. By mixing 3D design skills, creative computing intelligence and brand strategy, the stories be able to deliver in both commercial and cultural environments. Her designs are human-centred and geared towards sustainable thinking.

Qiongzi’s good sense of team-managing, language, creative thinking and skills help her to communicate and design collaborative projects. She finds creative solutions to problems, brings new ideas to familiar programs, and celebrates the unique people with whom she works.

She is on a path of expanding her unique vision and is also interested in film-making, photography, graphic, as well as material innovation.

Discipline: Experience Design

Year of graduation: 2022