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black and white portrait of a woman with mid-length hair in a black top.

Liying Chen identifies herself as a person who uses space to tell stories, bringing out the characteristics of the spatial, adding informational experience, and the mutual influence of space and people always attracts her.

In 15-19, she studied in the exhibition and display design studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts China with a GPA of 87.37 / 100 which ranked the top 2 in the studio, and has a solid foundation in painting and architecture-related design. During her internship, she participated in the design of a series of museums, exhibitions, and the public art part of Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Nowadays, she is studying for an MA degree in narrative environments at Central Saint Martins. In London, she is trying to use interaction, programming, cura/on, sounds, VR and AR to explore more about the possibilities of space and architecture.

Discipline: Interior Design, Exhibition Design

Year of graduation: 2022