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black and white portrait of a woman with fair hair and freckles.

Lilly Marshall describes herself as a Retail Experience Designer; a designer in retail with experience and interaction.

She has a passion for brand experience and bringing to life spaces to disconnect individuals from the fast world we live in.

This lead to her exploring and researching the power of experience and entertainment in spacial design. Having studied the problems of virtual retail today, effecting actual retail. Digging into the online retail world, she explores ways thatsl retail will need to change and what the new customer of today desires.

She mirrors bringing to life spacial environments in her paintings of buildings, landscapes and abstracts with watercolour and ink to paper. Commissioned or not.
Developing the design journey of bringing to life an uplifting, enthusiastic experience for brands in retail is her aim as a designer.

After finishing her BA Design for Branded Spaces bachelors with a 2:1 at University of the arts London LCC. She is now studying MA Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins, aiming to widen her knowledge in human experience and explore ways to make stores stand out from the crowd and take users on a journey that positively impacts their lives, which she likes to say 'designing to create a magical butterfly effect'

Discipline: Visual Merchandising, Experience Design, Brand Design

Year of graduation: 2022