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Kriti Agarwal’s growth as a designer involved a slow evolution of perspective on herself
and it started with the courses she took at the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Over the course of her academic life, she developed a keen interest in the architecture
of interior designing. She familiarized herself with this stream through courses in visual
merchandising, exhibition design & display as well as graphic- and prop-designing.

This formalized setting not only allowed her to sharpen her technical skills but also
gave her an opportunity to expand the scope of her creative thinking to include
aspects of her everyday environment that she was prone to editing out of her design
process. During this time, she also secured internships at independent design studios
working on art direction and graphic designing.

More recently, her apprenticeship provided her a platform to apply her academic and
internship experience to continue thinking sustainably and practically about design
solutions. For instance, she was heading a team responsible for designing an entirely
new set of flagship retail stores under the Raymond brand. She was challenged with a
limited floor-space to come up with everything from designing fixtures and planning
the store layouts to positioning store lightings and window displays whilst ensuring
maximum air circulation given the average expected foot-fall. Through this process, she
learnt ways to be innovative and really push herself to think big even while working
within the parameters of small spaces.

Moving forward, her goal is to advance the scope of sustainable design in India to craft
beautiful spaces even within the confines of our congestion.

Having an inherent talent for design and a practiced skill-set to make her ideas come to
life, Kriti is confident of being able to adapt her acquired knowledge to use across
different streams within spatial and exhibition designing.
She wishes to streamline her creative process and find a focus that can enable strategic and impactful designs.

Discipline: Visual Merchandising

Year of graduation: 2021