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Jueling Pan specialized in furniture and interior design, as well as graphic design. Now, she is studying for an MA in Narrative Environments at CSM and hopes to design
story-telling spaces and museum experiences in the future.
She sums up that the core of space design is the balance between user's sensory experience and spatial awareness. She believes that a good designer needs to have a
comprehensive understanding of the internal structure of the space, materials that express certain texture, coordinated colors, practical functions, and the elements of
times and technology, then look for a new combination of all these elements.
She had been awarded National Encouragement Scholarship twice with excellent grades and a high ranking in the undergraduate study. Besides, she had participated
in design competitions and relative projects, such as “Rosewood Furniture Design Competition in China”, a startup project of the “Meijia Interior Virescence Design
Studio”). And she had a two-week internship experience of working as a draftsman in 2021Guangxi Jiasheng Building Decoration Company.

Discipline: Interior Design

Year of graduation: 2021