MA Narrative Environments

People / Students / Jinhua Lu

There’s nothing better than finding the real passion and put effort into it for years.
For me, art and design has long been part of my life. I am now studying on the MA Narrative Environments course after majoring in interior design at Macau University of Science and Technology.

Before that, I had already involved myself into various art practices such as painting and drawing, fashion design and photography.

It did take some time before I decided to choose interior design as my major for the undergraduate study.
But after four years of intensive learning and study on interior design, I am now quite clear and sure that interior design is my real passion which deserves lifelong effort and devotion.

Years of practice on photography has helped me build a good sense of space, but I am more obsessed with the subtle and powerful effects that different interior designs can bring about.
It’s even more magical when interior designs affect people’s mood or how they behave. In the eyes of interior designers, space is sometimes the medium through which they get cross their personal thoughts like any other forms of art.

But the ultimate goal is to make people’s inhabitancy a better place in a sustainable and ecological way.
During my undergraduate study, I have covered various fields ranging from interior design for hotels and exhibitions to ergonomics and architectural courses, etc. I’ve found that interior design is an interdisciplinary field that requires extensive knowledge and skill set. That’s why I minored in some product design and landscape
architecture courses such as Rhino application and garden design.

For four years at college, I am the squad leader and rank the top for academic performance. To work as a leading role has unlocked my potential of making good plans and dealing with various issues. But I also feel comfortable with making individual contribution in a team. I love the process of exchanges ideas with teachers and classmates because it’s thought-provoking and brings you a sense of accomplishment. I had the chance to intern at a company specialised in large construction and design projects, where I noticed everyone working attentively on their own part but seamlessly functioning as a team. Working with senior designers had
also made me aware that knowledge in book were often different from what was in real use.

Discipline: Interior Design

Year of graduation: 2021