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black and white portrait of a woman wearing a black ribbed hat.

Jiamin Ouyang is a young public artist and curator from China. During her undergraduate course, she mainly studied public art creation and participated in many social practice projects. Her project mainly activates rural and old communities through public art installation and curated art festival activities. In addition, she is also good at illustration and provides visual design for some self-media platforms, but this is not her main creative direction..

Her creative background is mainly based on community visits and local field research and analysis, and creative development based on local culture and characteristics. And her works emphasise the interaction between space, people and culture, and strengthen people's cultural self-confidence and cultural continuity.

Currently studying MA Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins, she is pursuing the dream of creating narrative and interesting installations, and hopes to participate in more interesting and various spaces.

Discipline: Curator, Conceptual Artist, Environmental Art Design

Year of graduation: 2022