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black and white portrait of a woman wearing round, thin framed glasses and a pinstriped suit jacket over a white t-shirt.

Gracia was born in Kinshasa in DR Congo. She has been studying design and art since secondary
school. She started her undergraduate studies in 2017 with a two years’ degree in France, country she grew up in. This course called Communication Design : Space and Volume consisted in doing design
for brands (exhibition stands, pop up shops, shop windows, packaging, etc...) and for cultural purposes (exhibitions, scenography, sets, etc...).

Afterwards, from 2019 to 2020, she decided to integrate BA Design For Performance : Theatre, Film and Live Events at Birmingham City University in the UK as part of an exchange year. There, she did design and production for theatre, events, museums, concerts, exhibitions, festivals and more.

Gracia has the desire to create immersive experiences that would change people’s mindsets, habits and even lives. Also, she aspires to help brands to become more experiential. In other words, she is willing to get customers involved in the brand and its vision, engage them beyond purchasing the brand’s products.

Currently, Gracia is studying for an MA Narrative Environment at Central Saint Martins as it is a multidisciplinary course which will allow her to grow as a versatile designer. Moveover, she is certain the course will help her mature as an emerging spatial designer and create more impactful designs.

Discipline: Visual Communication Design, Set Designer, Brand Design, Scenography

Year of graduation: 2022