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Saunders is an ex PR/comms officer and trained journalist from London. Whose written work includes social media news, feature writing and community reporting. Her recent endeavours has seen her undertake creative writing projects, including a children’s manuscript exploring the complexity of caring. She has a keen interest in social issues, with a particular focus on homelessness.

She hopes to develop her brand, Geé Space, by exploring the connection of displacement in relation to how people exist within a space. She believes by probing into the stories that shape the built environment, we can understand how people, places and spaces collide – creating socially- engaged designs that provide mutual benefits for the whole community.

The aspiring designer has a love for interiors and art. She has dedicated the year to learning about colour theory and design development on an interior and architecture design course, alongside her current studies at Central Saint Martins, MA Narrative Environment.

Discipline: Journalist, Writer / Storyteller

Year of graduation: 2022