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Coming from an academic background, I bring sophisticated research, writing and critical thinking to the table. During my undergraduate degree, I dedicated a lot of time to the study of military strategy, which makes me a proficient analyst. Through my Masters, I intend to take myself out of the 'excel-monkey' category and tailor my existing skill-set towards the design and business strategy sectors. Being a forward thinker, in the next 5 years, I intend to complete a graduate scheme and progress into the technology/digital division within a world-leading firm.

In my time outside of education, I fulfil my entrepreneurial, social and creative passions through my role as Head of Marketing Strategy at a student-led initiative. Working in collaborative mode, we liaise with other career networks and student-led organisations.

As someone who is motivated by success and reward, I feel a great sense of accomplishment when seeing quantifiable results of my work. Aside from academic excellence, my greatest achievement in the last year has been the development and consolidation of strong interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence.

Discipline: Social Research, Writer / Storyteller

Year of graduation: 2022