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Chris Mademtzis used to have a restless mind since he was little. He has taken a range of artistic lessons during his childhood such as painting, carpentry and pottery just to name a few of them, that have certainly set the tone for the years that followed.

Chris holds a BA Interior Design degree with distinction from University of Central Lancashire, from which he graduated in 2014.

His thesis project was an extent theoretical research on multi-disciplinary spaces and how these engage their users, a project which played a vital role in his personal development while it also helped him to build his conceptual thinking.
Upon his graduation he spent three years working with an architectural firm in Greece, where he mainly gained experience on residential and hospitality projects, by producing technical drawings and 3D visuals among other tasks.

Chris then moved to Brighton where he worked for a multi-disciplinary agency. There, he was given the opportunity to work on a wide range of disciplines, from hospitality and workspace to exhibition venues and experience centers. During his tenure in company, Chris worked on world class projects from concept to completion and he was called to manage the 3D modelling & visualisation team.

He is currently studying MA Narrative Environments in Central Saint Martins and after his graduation he would like to focus on designing immersive installations and exhibition spaces for fashion brand

Discipline: Interior Design

Year of graduation: 2022