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Chih-Yu Mandy Liu is a theatrical lighting designer who believes that lighting has distinct characters of telling stories.
In 2017, Chih-Yu finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Lighting Design.
While studying in the university, the various experiences of engaging productions enhanced her ability in organising intuition, and transforming
imagination into practice as well.
After graduation, she worked as a freelancer lighting designer and operator for two years. There, she met talented designers, and participated in a multidisciplinary team all the time.
Through collaborating, she not only created the flow of light, but also being keen on breaking the boundary of spectatorship.
Chih-Yu is always aim to elevate herself and expand her career from lighting design to spatial experience. Currently, she studies as a MA student in Narrative Environments programme in Central Saint Martins,
trying to find more possibilities as a multi-disciplinary designer.

Discipline: Lighting Design

Year of graduation: 2021