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Casey Parsons is a Designer + Director, whose work exists provocatively, somewhere between Experiential Design, Installation Art and Film. His multi-disciplinary past allows him to approach projects collaboratively with a 720º view.

Narrative has always been at the heart of everything Casey has done. Being a classically trained Film Editor (NFTS/RCA), gives Casey an edge when responding to briefs as he can find paths through a wealth of complex material and work quickly (Film Editors see at a macro level down to 25 frames per second). 

Working with picture, performance, sound and music to craft narrative – fused with a newfound understanding of space – helps Casey create using the most poetic instruments of communication, with language at its most refined. For Casey, this is critical to achieving impact.

Experience in Start-Ups means Casey understands the importance of his role within any business operation, not just at project level, but also in the wider significance of the running and building of a successful enterprise. 

Casey thrives on disruptive ideas and impactful innovation. Wider life interests that continually inform his work include; music, fine art, positive politics, entrepreneurship, the environment, storytelling in all its forms and getting lost inside movies.

Casey emerges from CSM’s MA Narratives Environments (50%) looking to learn and grow within an exciting, forward-thinking company and/or work collaboratively with individuals and groups.

Discipline: Creative Director, Film Design

Year of graduation: 2021

Website: Casey Parsons Studio.