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My name is BEICHEN YANG, my background is exhibition design but this course is in visual communication industry. So I have that chance to get the experience from both major.

In my free time, I often visit museums and exhibition halls, which makes me like this major even more; in 2017 I was selected as an international exchange student and went to the Florence Academy of Fine Arts to study. Through this study, I learned about the development of foreign art and through communicating with students from different countries, I realized the different ways of thinking. During my undergraduate studies, I often participated in competitions, which allowed me to keep improving and I also won many awards.
I graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2019, and my graduation work was rated as an excellent graduation work by the school.

In addition, I also study knowledge in different fields. I think the future is an era of comprehensive development. Every major is connected, so I need a way to connect them. Discover new ways of exhibition in the future by studying different majors, so I want to keep learning. In 2020, I decided to come to London to study narrative environment design at CSM. I wanted to create more interesting spatial forms through narrative and environment.

Discipline: Graphic Design, Exhibition Design

Year of graduation: 2022