MA Narrative Environments

Research and Publications

MA Narrative Environments makes a significant contribution to the global research community exploring the physical environment as an ever-changing crucible of ideas, needs and desires, where narratives are formed, expressed, contested and reformed. Researchers work closely with academics at other universities, private and public organisations, leading design practitioners, postgraduate and research students to advance design theory and practice. 

We publish monographs, edit anthologies and write peer-reviewed articles for international journals. We also speak at international conferences. We have initiated cutting-edge events such as Chaos at the Museum, Re-envisioning Exhibition Design.

Staff and students work on EU-funded research projects exploring culture-led city regeneration. They also undertake commercial research. Several staff are award-winning practice-based researchers.

As PhD supervisors, we have seen three doctorates awarded in the last five years. Nine doctoral researchers are currently associated with MA Narrative Environments, providing substantial intellectual and creative momentum to the field.