MA Narrative Environments

The CSM Environment

A series of people are discussing a project in the central atrium space of Central Saint Martins, London. A person is standing on the right with their hands gesturing as the others look on.

MA Narrative Environments is in the Spatial Practices Programme at Central Saint Martins. We believe places and people form a continuum, actively communicating, contesting and generating meanings. These meanings can be understood through a narrative lens, as co-authored stories woven together by the physical environment and its inhabitants. They can also be understood as physical interventions in social, environmental, commercial and domestic contexts.

Central Saint Martins is one of the world’s leading centres for art and design education, a reputation based around the achievements of its graduates and the creative energy of its current staff and students.

The new prize-winning building brings together a broad range of art and design activities. The building allows the exchange of ideas and techniques across disciplines, acting as a huge workshop of thinking and making, underpinned by a strong research base and exceptional technical resources. 

London offers a dynamic and creative scene and with it’s forward-looking approach Central Saint Martins is placed at the heart of London’s dynamic creative scene. All of our courses have strong links with practice and industry through visiting lectures, live projects and tutors who are leading practitioners. In any one month numerous people, events and exhibitions pass through the College, enriching the core curriculum in multiple ways and making it a major force in the art and design world.