MA Narrative Environments


A series of floating white balloons in the central atrium space of Central Saint Martins, London. Light is spilling over the balloons through a glass window.

MA Narrative Environments is a unique postgraduate course in the Spatial Practices Programme at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

Students come from all over the world to learn how to design novel sensory experiences and live events for museums, brand, urban and community environments. They collaborate in small multidisciplinary teams to create immersive experiences that tell engaging and provocative stories through integrating text, image and sound into physical space.  

The course pioneers collaborative practice among communication designers, curators and architects enabling students to produce environments that would be impossible to develop on their own.

Students meet thought leaders and inspirational practitioners who act as mentors, giving real world advice, and offer placements that provide hands-on experience in design companies, museums and architectural practices.

Live projects are built into the curriculum and students meet and work with companies and organisations such as Arup, Samsung, LVMH, The Museum of the Future Dubai, Museum of London and the London Borough of Camden.

Students do a wide range of projects from city branding to public engagement and social innovation that help them to define their future career in the creative industries or in PhD research. Throughout the course they contribute to cutting edge design theory, they define their own values and position as a creative practitioners.

Course length: two years (three days a week).