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Wei Mao has been in integrated design for 4 years and especially focused on colour design. Her pursuit of BA in Art and Technology from China Academy of Art, which is the NO.1 in China’s art institutes. have pave her way for the multidisciplinary experiences. During her 3 years study on colours, she have explore the different possibilities of colours through architecture, products, lighting etc. And she also reappeared some colours referred from ancient books trace back to Ming dynasty, which could bring unique perspective on modern space design. She also attempted to use colours to activate an urban- village in Shanghai, which aim to help them get rid of the isolation from the city and improve the communicating. While she was applying her dream school, she was taking her role at China’s most famous hat company, gained experience in fashion and trading as the graphic designer at Fumei. Outside of my work, She like clothing, photography, indie music.

Discipline: Graphic Design

Year of graduation: 2020