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Vincy specializes in brand storytelling. Originally from Hong Kong, she earned her BFA in Advertising Design at Ringling College of Art and Design in the U.S. While in college, she interned in BIGmind Design Consultancy in Shanghai, where she worked on brand experience projects for retails such as the Bonjoy kids' cafe (卜卜乐亲子餐厅) and Jooos clothing store (就试·试衣间). She is both a problem-solver and a creative. She strives to learn about trend watching and need-finding that would inspire the creative stage. She aims to gain more implementation experience and find a way to maximize creative’s potential while solving client’s problem. In the creative side, she is particularly interested in designing space structures and visual experience that creates an effective emotional impact on the participants. She’s currently seeking a way to integrate advertising and storytelling in space.

Discipline: Brand Design

Year of graduation: 2020