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Sushma spent majority of her B.Des. in Information Design wondering where, in the wide spectrum of design she would fit. This enquiry was finally resolved when she started working with brands, wall graphics and signage. She has spent a good part of her 2 years of work experience making wall graphics for white walled workplaces (and loved every minute of it). Her more recent projects however, required her to take her design interventions beyond 2D and onto kiosks and counters. This led to a realisation that she had better get educated in 3D concepts and tools. It has also led to an appreciation for the potential of these tools in communicating a brand’s story in space. She also would like to move from the workplace to the lifestyle and retail sector. Going ahead, she plans on being a part of the brigade that has dedicated itself to resurrecting the physical store.

Discipline: Visual Communication Design

Year of graduation: 2020