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Shupin Liu graduated from Zhejiang University with a bachelor degree in Environmental Design in 2018. She has developed her spatial design, landscape design and urban design skills over the 4- year study. As an environmental design student in a comprehensive university, she had a lot of opportunities working in teams with people from different disciplines. From those experiences, she realised that spatial design is not only about space and art, but also people, culture, philosophy, economics and any other subjects. So she decided to open her mind to different culture and subjects. She went to Gothenburg University as an exchange student doing environmental economics and Scandinavian cultural and aesthetic perspectives. She has travelled to 20 different countries and regions. With visiting different places and meeting different people from different culture, she found herself interested in the relationship between people and space, especially the interactions between them. Currently is studying MA Narrative Environments in Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London, she has a passion for cultural engagement and hopes to be an experience designer for cultural institutions.

Discipline: Landscape Design

Year of graduation: 2020