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Shrutika Jain is a full time Phillumentist. She’s passionate about her growing collection of Indian Matchboxes which she best describes as, “small intriguing and interesting boxes of wonder”. Shrutika graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Mumbai, India after studying a four-year Communication Design course. During this learning period, she has been an expert in the managing any project that has come her way. A keen learner, she boasts of great observation skills that sets her apart from the peers. Moving ahead from University, in 2016 she took up a job at the Jaya He GVK New Museum, situated in the Terminal 2 building of Mumbai’s International Airport. Shrutika enjoyed the Airport’s sterile environment and worked around it in her favour to create meaningful and fruitful visitor engagement programmes to attract attention of transiting passengers. Her interest lies in creating lasting impressions on the viewers mind and is keen to explore the relationship one shares with a given space that he/she uses for a short span of time. She believes that the space between the object and the viewer is what creates Art. Currently, Shrutika Jain is studying the MA Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins. Her aim is the create meaningful and impactful spaces or activities for people to dwell and remember; only to attract them back.

Discipline: Visual Communication Design

Year of graduation: 2020