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Sara is an Italian Industrial Designer. She studied and graduated at Milan Polytechnic where she learned a mainly scientific approach to design, giving a reason and an aim to projects and focusing most about the relationship between shape and function. She has a strong interest in materials, the importance of their perception and deep meaning that they have. In Milan she collaborated with architect Alberto E. Frascotti in his studio, helping him in his projects, especially in the redesign and renovation of a building in Milan’s central area. In Genoa she collaborated with F.A.I., as a volunteer, helping in events’ organization and as a guide in two different cultural sites in Liguria. Currently studying at Central Saint Martins, MA Narrative Environments, she’s interested in how design could affect people’s attitude and behavior and she aims to design experiences, built around human figure throughout a cultural and social approach. Sara is opened to the future and to different possibilities, she would both explore commercial, cultural and social projects designing immersive experiences for people.

Discipline: Industrial Design

Year of graduation: 2020