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After graduating from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Theatre Design Rachel Payne worked for 15 years as a designer for Theatre, Film and TV Commercials. During this time, she has gained extensive practical experience visually interpreting stories in three different formats. Working as a Production Designer Rachel was responsible for the visual concept of the film through research and close collaboration with the Director and Director of Photography. She was then responsible for the hiring and management of the Art Department team to implement the design while working alongside Producers to create and work to budgets and schedules. Rachel has a keen interest in how our environment is a physical expression of our experience of being human; in how we intellectually perceive environments, by drawing on historical and cultural cues, and the emotional impact of space and materials on our psychological state. After using design to serve traditional story telling ideas, Rachel is currently studying for an MA in Narrative Environments to explore provoking interactive design experiences which are based around people as individuals and in communities.

Discipline: Set Designer, Film Design

Year of graduation: 2021