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“Our stories are what make us uniquely valuable to each other. Together, our stories make up the whole.” Leanne is an interdisciplinary practitioner, particularly interested in concept development. Her aims are towards bringing more profound thought, via embodied and playful experience design, into the educational work of museums, as well as also bringing museums into outdoor public space. More broadly, Leanne's work aims at introducing experiences which unravel the social hierarchies built into space, while also integrating the perspective and material of critical heritage. Leanne is a designer-maker with specific expertise in engineering and the medium of textiles. She has experience of working with communities and creative directing small public business setups. Her long-standing personal East Asian mind-body practice and teaching, is at the base of all of her work, considering individual, social and environmental wellbeing at every level of the design process and its outcomes.

Discipline: Entrepreneur, Fashion Pattern Cutter, Creative Director

Year of graduation: 2021

Website: Leanne Finn-Davis.